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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who Will Win?

A VS B It's a battle of the absolutely arbitrary. At first, "A" took the lead. Now, "B" is making quite a comeback.

There should be no reason to prefer one over the other. But is there? Cast your vote today.


MK said...

I think it's not absolutely arbitrary. For details see

P.S. : Great strip by the way. I am a big fan.

frodude said...

I read your blog and that's an interesting theory. One theory I had for B's success was the underdog mentality.

I will be posting historical data to show how the trend changes over time.

Really, it could be random. Maybe I'll do another A VS B next month to see if the same trends repeat themselves.

I wonder though, what would a truly arbitrary choice look like? Any two symbols I can think of have preexisting associations. That is, everything reminds you of something.

PS: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Watch out for that 'A'.....